Tuesday 15th March 2022 03:23:43 PM
   I have been dealing with Lisbon for about a year or so. I am from Canada and the trust issue, from day one, has been very professional. His products are excellent. Prices are very competitive. Moreover, the service is second to none. Muhammad, has made me look good to my customers many times. I highly recommend Lisbon and despite being approached by other businesses from his area, Muhammad and Lisbon will be our choice. If you have any questions in regards to our dealings, please contact me.
Mr. Dave
Sunday 30th January 2022 10:35:19 AM
   We have traded with Muhammad at Lisbon Enterprises for over thirty years. Lisbon have always produced high quality goods. We started off buying quality white goats skins and now we also order our Ash drum hoops and brass drum furniture from them. Lisbon Enterprises have always delivered on time. If there is a problem with supply Muhammad always keeps me updated. Their prices & delivery are always competitive. Look no further! Use Lisbon Enterprises!
Mr Kevin
Friday 28th January 2022 07:29:11 PM
   Lisbon Enterprises has been a great partner in supplying many of the raw materials that go into some Harlan Percussion products. They supply high quality materials and are very responsive to our needs.
Mr. Scott
Tuesday 25th January 2022 08:56:27 AM
   As a part of our wholesale and retail business we have imported musical instruments from around the world for many years. We have sourced goods personally and have relied on other suppliers in countries we never visited. We have had a variety of issues regarding quality and delivery schedule with many suppliers. With that in mind, when we decided to try some drums and wind instruments from Lisbon Enterprises in Pakistan, we started small, with trial shipments, increasing numbers as our comfort level grew. We have since placed medium sized orders, comprising hundreds of instruments, and have never had any issues. Quality has always been consistent, prices competitive and any promises made were kept. Though our business has changed course in some ways and we have not needed additional supplies from Lisbon recently, if and when we do, we will certainly give them our trust and our business once again.
Thursday 14th January 2021 12:35:01 PM
   The Shaman Drums arrived, they are good, thank you. They sound great!! I will be ordering more 200-500 pcs.
Wednesday 09th December 2020 09:45:39 AM
   Hi from Australia thankyou thankyou my rims arrived today I am a happy woman they are amazing looking forward to working with them and make lots of people happy. I will be ordering again. Loved your drum and the skin how much do you charge for your goat skin
Seamus OKane
Sat 1/15/2022 1:46 AM
   I have been trading with Lisbon Enterprises for more than 20 years. Muhammad Sagheer has found craftsmen of all kinds in both wood and metal and textiles to make my designs. In everything I specified . The work was of the highest quality at a fair price. Many Lambeg drum makers , hearing of the high quality, faultless goatskins he supplied, asked me to trade on their behalf . I have done this for many years and they all attest to the high quality of what he finds and sends. Now I have retired, but I cannot recommend his products highly enough. In every way he is an efficient reliable business man, who prides in honesty and customer care.
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